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We offer a range of pad printing machines from industry leaders Comec Italia.

Comec Italia

Comec Italia was founded in 1970 by the Baggini family. Since then it has never stopped to innovate in the pad printing industry. They offer a series of standard pad printing machines from 1 to 8 colours, able to make prints on various objects and materials.

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After years of research, design and experience in the pad printing field, Comec-Italia now has a new revolutionary unit able to meet the most complex


INKPRINT KP-08 is an electro pneumatic pad printing machine equipped with electronic control for all functions. Reduced maintenance that does not require specialized personnel. Like


The EAZY series of Comec Italia is our entry level pad printing machines designed to be easier to use. EAZY 90, 130, 160 are electro-pneumatic

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