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KP08 Pad Printer

KP08 Pad Printer


INKPRINT KP-08 is an electro pneumatic pad printing machine equipped with electronic control for all functions. Reduced maintenance that does not require specialized personnel. Like all machines produced by Comec Italia, it uses hermetic ink cups with ceramic ring sizes of 90mm – 110mm-130mm dia. depending on the number of colours.
This machine is so versatile that it allows different types of printing:

  • 1 to 5 colours with linear or elliptical feeder
  • 2 or 3 colours with RR Pad Shuttle for stationary pieces
    Rotary tables
  • 360° spherical (with the addition of the device AUR 360°)
  • 2 or more pieces simultaneously “double hit” print on parts that require high ink coverage.

    The KP-08 can be equipped with independent pads, to print larger size mouldings or with varying heights compared to the print plane.

    The KP-08 can be equipped with a number of options, such as automatic pad cleaning device or the hot air Hot Wind 200, developed by Comec Italia through years of experience in pad printing.



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