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'More' at Inks&MORE.

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At Inks&MORE we don't just sell inks and machines - hence the 'more' part of our name.

Over the years, we’ve got to know the industry like the back of our hand, which means we know what you need, and what level of quality you rely on, which is why we also sell a range of consumable supplies for various applications.

Whether you’re after gloves or mixing sticks, tape or mixing cups, solvents and screen-washes, printing pads, squeegees, mesh prep, alkali cleaning paste or anti-stain solution, the chances are we’ve got exactly what you need to print what you need quickly, safely and profitably. If you’re looking for printer ink supplies, feel free to get in touch.

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SERITEC® HR Squeegee

SERITEC® HR High resistance squeegee, with optimal abrasion and chemical resistance. Perfect for high-speed printing on glass, CDs, credit cards and more…).

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